Bounty Hunter VLF-2
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Bounty Hunter VLF-2

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The Bounty Hunter Treasure Tracker IV Metal Detector offers you high performance metal detection. Featuring a lightweight, ergonomic design, it is easy and comfortable to operate. With its excellent sensitivity control, this VLF metal detector can detect coin-sized objects up to five inches deep and larger items up to three feet deep. It includes a weather-resistant coil that works well in any climate conditions. This Bounty Hunter tracker metal detector operates on two 9V batteries.

JNL Bounty Hunter VLF2.1 Metal Detector:
  • Discrimination control eliminates iron and most unwanted items
  • Maximize depth detection with sensitivity control
  • Detects coin-sized objects up to 5" deep and larger objects up to 3'
  • Variable levels of discrimination so you can fine-tune it to your surroundings
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design for easy handling and comfortable use
  • 6" weather-resistant coil
  • Operates on 2 x 9V batteries
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